Tianxia Media Beijing Office


天下传媒是国内领先的综合传媒机构,自2003年创立以来,客户横跨房地产、金融、IT 等行业领域,并在房地产领域占据市场份额第一。本项目为其在北京的办公室。项目面积约1500平米,整体符合广告传媒行业特点简约、时尚。

Tianxia Media is a leading integrated media organization in China. Since its establishment in 2003, its customers have spanned the real estate, finance, IT and other industries, and ranked first in the real estate market. This project is its office in Beijing. The project area is about 1500 square meters, and the overall conformity with the characteristics of the advertising media industry is simple and fashionable.